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As we all have experienced to one extent or another, the world today is different than it was before our countries unfortunate economic downturn. We are no different, Nevada, gaming and its tourist industry was hit very hard and we still are waiting for business to return. We like many others have had to make changes and sacrifices to survive. Before the downturn our Parent Company, Black Gaming was doing well and looking to expand, since the downturn it had to go through a reorganizational bankruptcy and become a new company, it is now Mesquite Gaming. The have been many changes, all needed for the new company to survive.
One of the biggest most obvious changes was the closure of the Oasis Resort and Casino. It was a very hard decision, but one that had to be made. It was the oldest, in the worst repair and cost the most to operate and maintain. It also competed at this end of town with the company’s nicest resort and Casino, the CasaBlanca which is located basically right across the street.
What complicated the decision some, besides the property being part of Mesquites History was the Grand Destinations Vacation Club Timeshare project located on the Oasis property. Everyone wanted to protect the timeshare owner’s investments, property and vacation experience. After much analysis it was decided to close the Hotel and Casino but keep the timeshares open and continue to maintain and update them. And have the CasaBlanca become the timeshares owner’s temporary home resort.
The Casino and Hotel were closed; at first the closing was to be a temporary situation, just until the economy recovered. However as we all experienced the economy did not recover quickly and it became evident it wasn’t going too quickly.
Though closed the old casino and hotel buildings were still costing the company millions of dollars to pay all the continued costs, like water for the landscaping and buildings fire systems, insurance on the buildings and liability coverage, the property taxes, the electrical bills, city fees for sewer and water connections (remained the same as when we were open), security patrols and so on and so on.
With an eye towards reopening when feasible the property was appraised to determine what would be needed. This process proved what many believed, it would cost more to reopen the old property and make all the needed repairs than it would to tear it down and rebuild something new, something that would not have all the old buildings and their ongoing issues and problems to deal with.
It was evident the best decision and course of action the company could make was to tear it down. Doing so would not only decrease current operating expenses significantly, it is also the first major step needed to be able to build a new and better resort on this site in the future.
Demolition was started first part of May 2013; projected to be finished by the end of August.
The result is, when you arrive you will see vacant open land where the Casino and Hotel buildings used to be, frankly it looks kinda strange and is taking a bit to get used to. It also requires (for now) driving a short distance through an area where there used to be buildings to reach the timeshare area.
However, once in the timeshare area, the grounds are well maintained and as beautiful as always; our swimming pool is refinished and open and the units clean and inviting. It is a very relaxing place, without all the hustle and bustle of the old hotel buildings and Casino, it is a bit quieter.
And our guests are not missing anything the old Casino offered as they now go across the street to the CasaBlanca and enjoy all the amenities and activities in a better facility with more entertainment options. Please check out the CasaBlanca web site to see what all they have to offer and upcoming events and entertainment. There is always something going on, from free outdoor pool parties and concerts, to Pit Masters BBQ competitions, to car shows and many other events and promotions.
Some worried with the hotel and casino being torn down the timeshares would be neglected. Reality is just the opposite. Both Mesquite Gaming and the Timeshares owner associations are committed to maintain and improve the timeshares project. In fact since the closing of the Oasis Casino the timeshare owners associations have completed the following major upgrades.
1. New flat screen TV’s
2. New TV service which includes fiber optics delivery and increased channels to over 100
3. New state of art telephone switch and connection to the fiber optic delivery system
4. A new free (finally) Wi- Fi system again connected to the new fiber optics system.
5. Pool, pool deck and pool shower room refinished
6. New mattresses
7. New bed linens and towels
8. New roof on timeshare units and pool shower building
9. Upgraded fire alarm system (old one had lots of false alarms)
10. Approximate ½ the units totally renovated, carpet, furniture, paint etc. the rest will be renovated in stages as the timeshare association budgets allow.
Once the demolition is complete the parking lot in front of the timeshares will be repaved and a new entrance built so guest will no longer need to enter and exit through the demolished part of the property. And during the month of August two new water heaters and new storage tanks will be installed.
The Grand Destinations Timeshares are in great shape.
And the silver lining; once the economy comes back this property will be ready for its next project. Just recently the CEO of Mesquite Gaming told the local newspaper, “We will start something very nice in a couple of years”. The future looks bright.
To sum up;, yes there have been changes, the old casino is gone, it looks different, but everything any one ever came to Mesquite for is still here and gaming, dining and entertainment right across the street at our sister resort the Casa Blanca, the sightseeing is still the same, the golf is still great, the Casa spa wonderful and Katherine’s a wonderful place to dine. Not only does the Grand Destinations Timeshare continue they are in better condition than before the closing of the Casino and Hotel.
We are sure you will find us in great shape and enjoy your stay in Mesquite. We look forward to your visit.